Complete Case Study: Account Reinstatement

Account Reinstatement

Another day, another account reinstated within two days which was suspended for authenticity concerns. (No Invoices)

Account was suspended on March 4, 2021. Two appeals were already rejected and amazon had asked to provide invoices, invoices, invoices along with a valid Plan of Action.

--Complete Case Study:

In the original suspension notification, Amazon had authenticity concerns for 6 different ASINs. Out of six, three ASINs had sales. Out of those 3, two were restricted.

-Case was complicated because:

1. Number of ASINs were 6

2. Three had sales

3. Two were restricted

4. No invoices, LOA, because client was drop shipping from walm*rt

5. Two appeals were rejected prior reaching us

What we did

We started calling Account Health Support and Seller Support Agents.

There are two teams you can reach via phone

(i) Account Health Support team (Quality/safety)

(ii) Seller Support Team

But the teams which reinstate accounts are

(i) Seller Performance Team,

(ii) Merchant review team

and they have no calling options and no amazon team can reach them unless aap inn ke oper ssy ao.

We wrote our first appeal which was drafted in the consultation with 7 different Account health agents.

Note: These guys can help you on appeals but on the other hand they don’t guarantee you that appeals will be accepted by performance team which is different and have no connection with them either.

Some people would think this is strange if they have no connection with that team how could they effectively guide the sellers.

Well they are from amazon and they know 30-40% of investigation process of performance team plus about how they look into appeal.

-First Appeal submitted on 18th March, got rejected in a few hours.

After getting our first appeal rejected, we kept on calling account health for more recommendations in our appeal but found no additional information except three lines.

  1. We are sorry sir, we cant do anything for you
  2. They are different team we cant reach them
  3. Without invoices it would not be possible to reinstate

Before submitting our second appeal we kept on chasing them through calls and cases.

Let me confirm that no account has ever been reinstated through cases. They are useless once your account is deactivated and in their replies, you will always be directed to appeal button (performance team) again.

Note: Cases are again read by account health and seller support agents, which have no connection with performance team 🙂

That’s why I love amazon and so do many sellers after getting suspended Well Played Amazon.

-The Real Ninja Game

Once you find any weakness of performance team, then you have an upper edge over them. That’s the point. Luckily, we had many in the performance notifications they had sent previously.

First we started communicating with performance team through appeal button. Then, we submitted our updated appeal. At 6:46 AM, we received something different

We are still reviewing your account and we will send you an email once we finish our review.

This email was an indication that appeal was diverted from bot systems and might had reached some human. There are some trigger points you have to follow, the same way their system triggered your suspension.

At 8:12 pm, finally the account got reinstated.

Remember, its very hard to win such cases if you have nothing to show and also have sales on ASINs.

Deactivation notice

Reactivation Notice