I’m sharing my most recent PPC launches (which is a slow & difficult method compares to other launch methods) – 2 Min read


Launch Details of Project  (Highly Competitive Niche):


Product Breakdown

Market: United States

Product Category: Arts, Crafts & Swing

Price: 6.95 $ 

Keywords Search Volumes

Keyword 1 SV: 21000+

Keyword 2 SV: 11000+

Keyword 3 SV :9000+

Although with STORADs we give the first 7 Days for Discovery Campaigns, but this product showed signs, so the Algorithm was devised to grab sales even in the earlier part of Launch.


Day 6:

#1 New Release in the Category

Average Daily Sales: 15-20 (40 % Organic Orders)


ACOS  Brought down to 34 % from Above 150 % (First 5 Days)

Organic Ranking

KW 1: First page 7 Spot

KW 2: First page 4 Spot

KW 3: First page 2 Spot




Pre-Launch Preparations:


One of the clients had some Pictures of the product on his Shopify Site We took those Pictures, Edited and Modelled them after careful social Listening and the AIDA Model.


For the other client with a competitive niche, we split test Images with FB Ads to see which ones are converting well with the same content. We used that as our Main Image and turns out it plays a major role in generating sales.

Did Extensive Keyword Research and Included Exact Customer Intents in the Sales Copy for Indexing and wrote a very Buyer Reflective Sales Copy for both launches.

Did the Complete EBC Work our self and Engaged the Customer through Visual Modelling of Features.

Another hack we found for relevant audience was to search Facebook Audiences and their Age groups along with interests and devise the Amazon or Other E Commerce Sales Copy after those.

Our Most Important Achievement:


Launch 1:

For the launch in only 14 Days, we have been Ranked for more keywords as our competitor with 300+ Reviews who has been selling since Mid-2019.


Competitor Ranked Keywords:

Total: 409

Organic: 232


Own Ranked Keywords

Total: 575

Organic: 470




This is the Job that Keyword Research and Correct Indexing does for you. Our Sales Copy is Optimized to an Extent that even with 1 Review we have a Conversions Rate of 15%


And Only by Spending around 500 $ on PPC, we have got Sales of around 2500+ $ in just 14 Days.