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Stormac team build up my store forms, optimized my 60 of my AdSense, and even though my in pandemic my business is gone globally. So they are great team, super creative, super prompt its just an excellent value honestly for the money for what they accomplished. I recommend you to never go other stormac is great for you.


Results before and after Stormac

Amazon Services

Full Service Amazon Management


Our PPC management is specialized for each client and include hands-on advertising specialists and our STORADS system..


Our 3-phase Amazon SEO plan is best-in-class and will show dramatic results in search rankings in 90 days.


Our designers specialize in designing for Amazon – this include A+ Content, Brand Stores, & graphics.

Ecommerce Solutions

Providing ecommerce solutions and industry’s top research and trend finding tools. We provide you all the tools to help you make better business decisions.

Pay Per Click

3 in 1 Case Study: Ultra-competitive PPC Launch

As aspiring PPC experts, we often come across clients who have either launched....


Amazon PPC is critical to your success in driving traffic to your listings


Our PPC management now includes STORADS. STORADS is a series of techniques combined with advanced macros to optimize current advertising efforts.


Use data collected via drone to find degradations in the tower’s structure, and identify areas where work is required.


Use highly detailed analytical data collected via excel reports to analyze the condition of campaigns and improve them

Search Engine Optimization

SEO - Search Engine Optimization for Online Marketing Concept. Modern graphic interface showing symbol of keyword research website promotion by optimize customer searching and analyze market strategy.

How Stormac Helped a Client Rank His Product in 14 Days with 26 % Acos

I'm sharing my most recent PPC launches (which is a slow & difficult method...

Keyword Selection Using SFR

Exporting Keyword According to Search Intent and Soring WRT CPS

Lookup From SFR Data and Helium 10 To Select Duplicates

Sorting WRT to Customer Intent and Search Volume

Finalization of Keywords and Search Terms for Sales Copy

"Passion Leads To Design, Design Leads To Performance, Performance Leads To Success!"


We focus on the fluidity of human-technology interaction in a design. It’s what separates us from the rest. Mind-driven innovative digital designing will show you what the power of us professional User interface designers can do with today’s technology.

You will get access to designers who specialize in A+ content and graphics specifically for Amazon

E-Commerce Solutions

Complete Case Study: Account Reinstatement

Another day, another account reinstated within two days which was suspended for authenticity concerns...

Product Research

Managing Amazon Case Log

Account Reinstatement

Weekly PPC & Sales Reporting

Weekly Calls

Additional Items Within Seller Central

Designs That Convert More Customers


Creating a website is easy.

Creating a powerful, impactful, yet simple innovation Is a whole other level. We implement the “simple is more” strategy in our projects, a well thoughtout complex functionality’s purpose is to make things simple for everyone.

About the Founder

Abdul brings deep expertise in Digital Marketing to the forefront of e-commerce, especially on platforms like Amazon. Abdul’s foundation is built on robust SEO strategies and precision-targeted PPC campaigns, ensuring each click contributes significantly to client success.

At Stormac, Abdul focuses not just on visibility, but on conversion. He understands that in the digital realm, a product’s online presence is as crucial as its quality. The comprehensive digital marketing campaigns are crafted by Abdul to resonate with audiences, boosting product visibility and conversion rates.

Abdul’s approach transcends traditional tactics. It’s a unique blend of innovative strategies and an in-depth understanding of e-commerce dynamics. Constantly evolving and anticipating market trends, Abdul keeps Stormac and its clients ahead of the curve. His commitment is to leverage the digital landscape to maximize business growth and deliver exceptional results.